Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Commercial properties and buildings need to be up to a high safety standard according to compliance laws, and clean guttering and drainage is a key requirement.

Regular maintenance to your property’s guttering should be seamless, and we make sure the job is done without disrupting your day-to-day business.

We work with commercial businesses that include:

  • Body corporates
  • Local government
  • Schools and child care centres
  • Aged care and assisted living facilities
  • Retirement villages
  • Real estate agencies; and
  • Industrial businesses

Common commercial gutter problems

A lot of commercial gutter problems are similar to the problems faced by residential gutters, but more often on a larger scale, and with higher consequences.

Clogged or Blocked Gutters

Clogged or blocked gutters on commercial properties have many causes, from plant debris and pest problems, to a build-up of excess material in the area such as sawdust or industrial by-products. Some gutter blockages may even create a fire hazard such as loose leaves and industrial debris.

When your gutters are clogged, this can cause water overflow that creates flooding in and around your building and can bring your business to a halt. Flooding may even result in the building needing to be evacuated due to extensive damage and safety concerns.

Excess weight on your guttering can also cause it to sag and move out of place, making it completely ineffective at channelling water away from your foundations.
Regular gutter maintenance is the best way to safeguard against all these problems and ensure your property is up to code, and safe for occupancy.

Gutter holes and cracks

Gutter holes and cracks on commercial properties are a common problem, but also a major cause for concern. Older buildings, sheds and factories are at more risk of developing holes and cracks in their guttering due to poor maintenance over long periods, and sometimes simply due to old age.

When gutters go unchecked, they can begin to form pools of stagnant water in certain areas that over time can rust and erode through the guttering to cause leaks. This includes cracks in the gutter joins, and leaks through the bolts and screws holding the guttering in place.

Leaks cause problems such as rusting, rot, and potential internal damage to the building that happens silently over time, and often causes avoidable costs and disruption to your business.

Faulty gutter installation

Whether your property is brand new or established, incorrectly installed guttering can spell disaster. Older buildings that have stood the test of time can sometimes still begin to show signs of faulty guttering years down the track. Shifting foundations and inclement weather can reveal problems with your gutter’s sloping, drainage and positioning.

Gutters on newer buildings can also be overlooked during the inspection process, and the effects of a faulty install might show themselves immediately or may not present any obvious problems until events such as torrential rain occur.

When a gutter is improperly installed, it is not draining water from your roof correctly and will damage your building’s foundations and structural integrity over time. This can happen via flooding around the base of your building, or water leaking into the ceiling cavity and damaging your building internally.

How we help

Our commercial services cover you for the regular maintenance of your property to keep up with compliance, as well as professional consultation on damage caused by faulty or blocked guttering.

Gutter Cleaning

Through our routine gutter maintenance plans for commercial properties, we never miss a beat when it comes to ensuring your gutters and drainage are cleaned thoroughly and left in their best condition.

Leaf Removal

Loose, dry leaves are a problem for a lot of commercial properties and can be the cause of blockages and damage to your building. We clean up your site of loose leaf debris and safely remove it from your property to eliminate any risk.

Flood Recovery

Flooding of your property can cause your business to shut its doors while the carpet and underlay are ripped up to assess and repair the damage. Our flood recovery equipment quickly removes all water and moisture from both your carpet and underlay without lifting or removing anything. It’s quick, thorough, and ensures any damage-causing debris in the flood water is identified and removed.

Drain Cleaning

Commercial properties can suffer blocked drains more frequently than residences due to their nature and location. Industrial debris, rubbish and other items can find their way into your drainage systems causing blockages, backlogs, and a huge damage bill.

We scale your drains with a fine-tooth comb to ensure any blockages are removed and your drainage is working as it should be.

Hydro Excavation

Properties may have tight areas or spaces with built-up soil making it more difficult to access the problem-area. Hydro Excavation involves the use of specialised equipment that uses high pressure water to cut through and lift soil, then remove it with a vacuum to quickly and efficiently access the area, assisting to locate services, power, gas, Telecom, NBN, and water pipes.