Gutter Care Tips

Gutter Care Tips

Regular servicing and maintenance of your gutters is the most effective way to safeguard against serious and costly problems. But in between visits from Dan, there are some tips and tricks that can help to safeguard against more serious problems.

Regular gutter scooping

A gutter scoop is a tool specifically designed for scooping clunky debris from your gutters during peak seasons such as autumn. If your gutters are filling up with foreign objects more often than usual, regularly scooping your gutters can prevent blockages between maintenance visits.

Using a ladder safely and wearing safety gear

If you are scooping your gutters or checking for clogging, it is important to ensure you’re using your ladder safely. Let someone know you will be using your ladder, or better yet, get a ladder spotter to hold it securely in place when in use. Make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves and safety glasses to avoid contact with any hazardous material and prevent it from hitting your eyes.

Rake debris off your roof

A great way of minimising the debris making its way to your gutters is by raking any visible signs of it off your roof before any rain washes it straight into your gutters. You can rake any foreign items off your roof onto the ground or into the guttering, then use your gutter scoop to remove it.

Make sure your downspouts aren’t clogged

Water runs off your gutters into your downspout, so when your downspout is blocked, the water will build up and overflow. You can usually unclog your downspout by tapping the side of it or sliding a ‘plumber’s snake’ to identify the clog and loosen the build-up.

Schedule a routine maintenance visit from Dan The Vac Man

We can’t stress how important regular professional maintenance of your gutters is. Creating a maintenance schedule with Dan gets rid of the hassle of booking every time and ensures your property is regularly protected effortlessly.