Residential Services

Residential Services

Your house is your haven from the often-unpredictable weather and elements outside. We tend to take this for granted and only fix things when they’re broken, which usually costs us an arm and a leg.

Expensive household catastrophes are usually preventable if action is taken to prevent the problem before it becomes an even bigger one. Regular maintenance of your guttering is a prime example of this.
Problems such as clogged gutters and blocked drainage often lead to much bigger issues of leaking ceilings and severe water damage. If your guttering is compromised, your house is compromised.

Common household gutter problems

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are one of the most common problems seen on residential properties, and can cause several major, expensive issues to your home. Since the primary job of your gutters is to steer water from the roof through drainage and away from your home’s foundations, clogged gutters will achieve the opposite.

When your gutters are clogged, water can spill over the sides and begin to pool around the foundations of your home, which over time can cause cracks and further damage to the foundations and structural integrity of your home. Cutter clogs left unchecked result in your gutters beginning to sag, your wooden fascia boards begin to stain and rot, and mould, moss and other plant life can begin to settle in and make your gutters their new home, effectively adding to the problem.

As if things couldn’t get any more threatening, debris such as loose leaves, and dry sticks and twigs are a significant fire hazard and could cost you more than money in the long run.

Gutter holes and cracks

Gutter holes and cracks have several causes. Time is a factor with ageing homes and gutters that rust and erode over the years and can sometimes form holes due to stagnant or pooling water. Cracks can form in the same way, or more commonly will form where two sections of gutter meet, or around the fastened joints of the guttering.

Holes and cracks in your gutters inevitably leads to water leakages and a whole host of problems can follow suit. If it is caught early, a professional should be able to patch them up and have them working as new again. But, sometimes there’s no escaping old age and it can often be a safer solution to have your gutters replaced completely.

Sagging and loose/repositioned gutters

The correct sloping of your guttering is critical to your gutters functioning the way they should. There are several factors that can contribute to your gutters sloping incorrectly or having moved positions altogether including old age, severe weather, and untreated clogs and heavy debris over time. These factors can and will lead to the improper draining of water from your roof.

This can cause long-term damage to the structural integrity of your home through foundational deterioration and water leaking into your roof.

How we help

Fortunately, we have all the tools and equipment to help you fix and prevent serious and costly problems to your gutters. From regular maintenance to professional advice, we have all bases covered with our services.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters clogged by plant debris, nesting wildlife, and dozens of other blockage causes is the most effective safeguard against damage to your home. Using purpose-built equipment for the job, we use a powerful wet vacuum to flush, clean and remove clogs and leave your gutters in pristine condition.

Leaf Removal

Nature shedding its skin can be a beautiful sight, but it can also be an annoying hindrance on your property. We gather up and remove all the loose leaves from your gardens, lawns, driveway, and entire property to ensure they don’t end up in your gutters, potentially causing a fire hazard.

Flood Recovery

Freak storms, faulty plumbing and torrential downpours can all cause flooding in and around your property. Flooding can cause damage to your carpet and underlay, leaving water laced with silt and sludge to soak into your floors and rot under the surface. Our flood recovery equipment retrieves 99% of the water and moisture from your carpet and underlay at the same time, while also removing the other damage-causing debris present in flood water.

Drain Cleaning

Clean drains are equally as important as clean gutters when it comes to your house maintenance. Blocked drains create a backlog of water that has nowhere to go except in and around your home. We scale your drains with a fine-tooth comb and remove the source of the blockage to have them functioning at their best.